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Unable to Purge CDN Cache

Under normal circumstances, you should not need to concern yourself with cached content at the CDN level. The CDN cache is managed by the LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress, and is sophisticated enough to know when content has changed and requires purging. When LSCWP purges cache at the origin server, CDN-level cache is automatically purged as well.


There are times, whether by accident or by design, when an LSCWP purge will fail to also purge content from the CDN nodes.

CDN Bypassed at the Browser

If you are finding that your purge commands are consistently not resulting in a CDN purge, it is possible that the browser you are using to maintain your site is bypassing the CDN.

For example, you may have an entry for your domain in your /etc/hosts file. If that entry points to your site's original IP (and not to a CDN node IP), then any time you visit the domain, it will bypass the CDN and go directly to your origin server. This includes times when you are visiting admin pages, or enacting purge commands. Anything you do will apply to the origin server, but not to the CDN.

You will need to remove your domain from the hosts file to avoid this problem in the future.

Purge Throttling CDN has a feature known as "purge throttling." This feature activates when the CDN detects ten or more repeated identical purge commands in the space of one minute. While purging is throttled, there is a limit of one CDN-level purge per ten-second period.

Throttling continues until there has been a full minute without the same repeated purge request.

This is not a situation you are likely to find yourself in, as it's unusual to want to purge the same page on your site repeatedly over a one-minute period. It's more likely that purge throttling is triggered by some kind of glitch.

Manually Purging CDN Cache

If you have had problems with purging and you need to clear the CDN cache manually, visit your Dashboard, and press the Purge All CDN Cache button in the Domain Overview section.

Last update: January 30, 2024