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Image Optimization Problems

If you're having trouble with Image Optimization, check one of the common issues below.

Failed to retrieve images for optimization

There are a few reasons why may be unable to grab your images to optimize them:

  • There is a daily limit in place and you have exceeded it
  • service IP addresses are blocked at the the server or application level
  • Your Server IP is incorrect in the LiteSpeed Cache plugin, on the Dashboard, or in the DNS Zone

Here's how to check for each of these issues.

Exceeded daily limit

In order to more fairly distribute the availability of services, we sometimes enable daily usage limits. These limits apply only to free quota and only to domains that have not purchased additional packages or Pay-As-You-Go quota for the month.

You can see any daily limits that are in effect for your services in your LSCache plugin dashboard.

If you have purchased an Image Optimization package or Pay-As-You-Go quota, then a daily limit will not apply to you, and your problem is likely something else.

Blocked IPs

If's IPs are being blocked by a firewall, the Image Optimization service would be unable to retrieve your images.

Make sure's IP addresses have been added to any application-level or server-level firewalls you or your hosting provider have in place. Learn more.

Incorrect Server IP

Your WordPress installation's Server IP may not match the DNS Zone's A records or your origin server.

Check all of the places where a Server IP address is configured:

  1. The LiteSpeed Cache plugin: navigate to the General section and look at the Server IP setting. Verify that value matches your origin server.
  2. The Dashboard: navigate to My Domains > [example domain] > Settings and verify that the Server IP setting matches your origin server
  3. DNS (if your domain uses it): navigate to DNS Zones > [example domain], and verify that all A records have the correct IP address configured.

Sync the server configuration:

  • From the LiteSpeed Cache plugin, navigate to Dashboard> Service Usage Statistics and click Sync.

Check HTTP Response Codes

If you are experiencing image optimization problems, you can check your Dashboard to see HTTP Response codes that may help.

Image Optimization Status

Navigate to Image Optimization and you will see information about your domain’s requests.

If there are no errors displayed in the Status area, the problem may not be on the side. In that case, you can see our WordPress plugin’s comprehensive image optimization troubleshooting documentation.

If there is an error message, it will indicate the HTTP response code that our image optimization servers received when attempting to fetch your image. Depending on the response code, you will have to apply some fixes to get it working properly.

For example, a 404 error code means that could not find the image. In that case, you would first verify whether the image exists at the given path, and go from there.

Additional Help

If you’ve gotten this far and are still having trouble, our support team can help. Before you open a ticket, though, please grab your Report Number from the LSCWP plugin, so we can know more about your WordPress configuration.

Last update: January 30, 2024