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Site Inaccessible After Changing CNAME

When setting up your DNS for CDN using the CNAME method, you need to update your domain's CNAME record to the value provided to you by (e.g.


You can find your domain's CNAME value on your dashboard. Select your domain, and navigate to CDN > CDN Config. In the CDN Settings box, you will find your CNAME value listed under Your assigned CNAME is.

If your site immediately becomes inaccessible after you make this change, it most likely means that the IP address for your origin server, as detected by, is incorrect.

This is easy to fix. From your dashboard, select the problematic domain, and navigate to the Settings tab.

Your site's IP address should be listed in the Server IP field. If it is missing or incorrect, please update the field to the correct IP address and press the Save Settings button. will attempt to visit that IP in order to verify it is correct. The new IP will only be saved if the visit succeeds. If the visit fails, but you are sure you've entered the correct IP, you may need to add the IPs to your site's allowlist. Our documentation explains how.

Last update: January 30, 2024