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CDN Default Configuration

When you connect your domain to, these are the default settings that are associated with the CDN. If you wish to change any of these settings, please visit your Dashboard, choose your domain, and navigate to CDN > CDN Config.

CDN Settings Default CDN Settings

  • Bypass CDN: OFF
  • Under Attack Mode: OFF
  • Map Both www/non-www: OFF
  • Auto Redirect www/non-www: OFF

Cache Settings Default Cache Settings

  • Enable Cache: ON
  • Auto Browser Cache: ON

Connection Details Default Connection Details

  • Connection Type to Origin: MATCH
  • Enable QUIC Backend: OFF
  • Frontend Force HTTPS: ON

Traffic Management Default Traffic Management Settings

Traffic Filters

  • Block Action: Reject with 403
  • Current Filter: Allow All


  • Always Fresh Crawl: OFF

WordPress Default WordPress Settings

  • Allow Jetpack: OFF
  • Block WP API User List: OFF
  • Block WP API Embed: OFF
  • Block WLWManifest: OFF
  • Block Author Scan: OFF


Anti-DDos Default Anti DDoS Security Settings

  • reCAPTCHA & WP Brute Force Defense: ON
  • Connection Limit: 2000
  • Max Login Attempts: 5

Access Control Default Access Control Settings

  • URL Flood Protection: ON
  • Block Brute Force by IP: OFF
  • Restrict XML-RPC requests: ON
  • Block Browser XML-RPC: OFF
  • Hotlink Protection: OFF Default Access Control Settings

  • IP/Subnet Allowlist: empty
  • IP/Subnet Blocklist: empty
  • User Agent Allowlist: empty
  • User Agent Blocklist: empty

reCAPTCHA Default reCAPTCHA settings

  • reCAPTCHA Type: Invisible
  • Max Tries: 3
  • reCAPTCHA Site Key: empty
  • reCAPTCHA Secret Key: empty

SSL Certificate Default SSL Certificate Settings

  • SSL Certificate: System-Generated
  • Certificate: empty
  • Private Key: empty

Cloudflare Default Cloudflare Integration Settings

  • Cloudflare Integration: OFF
  • Cloudflare API Token: empty

Maintenance Default Maintenance Mode Settings

  • Maintenance Mode: OFF
  • Maintenance IP Allowlist: empty

Last update: January 24, 2024