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Linking Your Domain to a Partner (beta)

Note's Partner Program is currently in beta and is not widely available. This note will be removed when the program is available to all.

Hosting providers that participate in's Partner Program have the ability to define a unique experience for their clients. When you link your domain to a Partner Account, you will receive free monthly quota according to the Partner's Integration Configuration.

Obtaining a Code

Partners generate an Activation Code for each domain they want to link to their account. If you do not have a code, and you know your hosting provider to be a Partner, please contact your host and request the code.

Adding the Code to Your Domain

Visit your Dashboard, click your domain name, and navigate to Settings.

You should see a section entitled Link Domain to Partner Account. Enter the Activation Code provided by your host, and press the Save Code button.

You are now linked to a Partner Account!

Each Partner sets up their plan in their own way, so if you have questions about what you will get as a member of your hosting provider's Partner Account, please contact your host for details.

Last update: February 12, 2024