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Managing Credit Across Domains

Credit dollars are an account-level currency.

If you have a account with multiple domains, there may be times you want to transfer some of your credit or quota from one domain to another. But once credit is allocated to a domain for a particular service, it must first be converted from quota back to dollars, and reallocated to your account-level balance before it can be reused. This is fine if it only happens once in a while, but if you notice that you are transferring credit a lot, then you may need a new strategy.

Luckily, there is a way to manage your credit so that transferring between domains is not necessary.


Before we go into the details of how to do that, you might want to remind yourself about the role of credit either with CDN or with the Online Services, as appropriate.

So, here's how to manage your credit so that you don't need to transfer between domains:

  • Keep your credit at the account level. Maintain a balance.
  • Set up auto refill for your services, so that credit is allocated as needed.

Maintaining a Credit Balance

Purchase credit never expires, so you can leave it in your account indefinitely. When you purchase more credit, simply leave it there. There is no limit to how many dollars you may keep in your balance.

By storing credit here at the account level, it is available to any of your domains, when a need arises.

In the example in the screenshot, there is $2,391.351 in USD available in the account-level balance. Your account balance is displayed in various places on the dashboard. You can click the credit amount anywhere it is displayed as a link (in blue), or visit to manage your balance and see a transaction history.

Setting Up Auto Refill

With credit in your account, you can use the Pay as You Go option to refill your quota for the CDN or any Online Service as needed.

Even better, you can make it easier on yourself by setting up Auto Refill.

With Auto Refill, when your quota dips below a certain level, dollars are pulled from your account-level balance automatically to refill the quota.

To set up Auto Refill for the CDN, visit your dashboard choose the domain you wish to set up, and click CDN. Scroll down to the Pay as You Go section, and click Enable Auto Refill.

The pop-up will allow you to choose a threshold where Auto Refill kicks in. Select your preferred value and click the Enable Auto Refill button.

The process looks a little bit different for the online services, but it is essentially the same. Navigate to the domain and service you wish to set up, scroll down, and click Enable Auto Refill.

Choose your threshold, and click the Enable Auto Refill button.

Auto Refill will work behind the scenes, pulling from your account-level credit balance, and allocating quota to the domains and services that need them. All you need to do is keep your credit balance from dipping too low. You need to maintain enough dollars to pay for all of the refills you have enabled.

If, by chance, you run out of account-level credit, Auto Refill will be suspended.

Restarting Suspended Auto Refill Services

If your account-level credit balance is depleted, and Auto Refill is suspended for your services, you can unsuspend it at the account level for all of your domains, or you can choose to unsuspend services for just a single domain. Just make sure you have added enough credit to your balance first!

The first screenshot shows an account-level view of your balance, with the notification that you have suspended services. The second screenshot shows what it looks like from the domain level.

Whether you choose to unsuspend all of your domains at once from the account level, or just one domain at a time, click the Unsuspend All link to continue.

(Note that the screenshot below is for a domain-level view, but the process is the same for either level.)

This screen will allow you to restart Auto Refill for all of your services in just one click.

You don't have to unsuspend all of them. You could unsuspend some services now, and then come back later and unsuspend other services, if you want to. Use the check boxes to select which services to unsuspend.

If you wish to turn off Auto Refill completely for one or more of your services, click the service name in the list. You will be brought directly to the Pay as You Go configuration for that service, where you can click the Disable link to stop using Auto Refill entirely.

Last update: February 13, 2024